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sup by AnimeXJellyfish sup :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 0 0
Getting to know everyone. Hs CH2
"Hello it's a pleasure to meet all of you" Even though I had found the ability to speak my mind was a freaking train wreck I mean wouldn't you be kinda freaking out if you just met people with gray skin and what looked like candy corn on their head. Apparently I had been staring because the shortest one started yelling at me and calling me some pretty interesting names, I quickly snapped out of my thoughts when john told him to shut up. John had finally started introducing everyone after the short ones little rage moment I soon learned that his name was Karkat and that was how he acted on a normal basis. After learning all the trolls name's John told me that the rest of his "little" group wouldn't be showing up until later so until they did we decided to just sit around and get to know each other better. I found out a lot of interesting information on the trolls like the fact that Karkat loves romcoms, or that Nepeta loves to ship her friends. We were all having such a good t
:iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 0 0
Black Crush by AnimeXJellyfish Black Crush :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 1 2
Mature content
Meeting. :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 0 0
Untitled by AnimeXJellyfish Untitled :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 0 0 Untitled by AnimeXJellyfish Untitled :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 0 0
Standing on the edge staring down my fears
Looking on to see nothing but this empty space
Wondering what is waiting at the bottom
Go to step away but it seems like fate has a different idea
Now I’m falling, so scared, so alone
When will I hit the bottom it’s been far too long since I fell
Feels like I’m falling faster someone please save me
Just when it feels like I hit the bottom
I’m startled awake in my bed
Look around it seems like it was all just a dream
Not sure what it means, settle back into bed
Look around at a dark space
Now I’m standing on the edge staring down my fears
Seems like it’s a never ending cycle I’m falling again
This time there is no waking up just the feeling of me hitting the bottom…
:iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 0 0
bored by AnimeXJellyfish bored :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 0 0 cry by AnimeXJellyfish cry :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 1 6 unnamed by AnimeXJellyfish unnamed :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 1 0 random doodle by AnimeXJellyfish random doodle :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 2 0 Bepo by AnimeXJellyfish Bepo :iconanimexjellyfish:AnimeXJellyfish 2 0


get well soon, markiplier! by Umbrony get well soon, markiplier! :iconumbrony:Umbrony 80 4 Above the Lights by yuumei Above the Lights :iconyuumei:yuumei 25,124 690
Masky x Reader - The Return of the Beast Pt 6

You let out a small hum as you watched the forest go by you. Happy that you didn't have to walk back to your house alone, and even more so that you were being carried. The masked boy under you pausing every few moments to bounce you further up his back so you didn't slip out of his grip which was firm yet surprisingly gentle on your upper legs.
“Are we almost there? I'm tired of walking. Especially to a place where a pathetic loser like this lives. I bet twenty bucks it's made out of, like, cardboard or something.” Hoodie muttered, having decided to tag along so he wasn't left alone in the sewer drain due to whatever they feared. Though now you were just thinking he had just come along to bother you. Every word he said just upsetting you even if it had no reason to. Usually you didn't give any fucks about what people thought about you, but for some reason when ever this boy opened his mouth you just wanted to choke him.
“You d
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 153 51
Hoody and Masky by Okamisai Hoody and Masky :iconokamisai:Okamisai 1,072 37
These Battle Scars: Dave X Reader (Chapter 7)
You were currently sitting in art with the boy that seemed to haunt you.  You were FINALLY getting used to him, FINALLY ready to give this boy a chance, and he shut you out.  You had no idea what had happened.  He seemed to wince slightly every time he looked at you.  He was cringing like a wounded animal, but his poker face showed different.  That stupid fucking poker face, it was a mask to block everyone out, to not show the boy behind it. The boy that was saying please don’t hurt me.   You finally recognized it, you finally realized why he was emotionless.  Your heart hurt just thinking about it.  
“So Dave”  You tried again, you were going to make contact with this prick if it was the last thing you do.  You were going to heal the pain, you were going to make everything better.  It seemed to be a common thing with you, picking the most damaged people and trying to fix them.   You were going to put Band
:iconlittle-ankle-biter:Little-Ankle-Biter 42 17
When I See My Crush by insideherthoughts When I See My Crush :iconinsideherthoughts:insideherthoughts 1 1


:iconkarkatsbabe: :iconsamusaran13:


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United States
I'm a simple person who loves anime music and video games. I do like to draw but I'm not the best at it lol.
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so I have come to realize that I can never finish a project lol for example I started writing a homestuck story but I can't seem to get other chapters written and now I want to write a different story grrrr I will probably start a new story then come back to the homestuck one eventually (hopefully soon.) well I guess that's it for now I will try to get the new story started tomorrow or hey who knows I might get the third chapter to the homestuck story out lol. anyways on that note i'm out so bye bye peeps :3


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